There’s room under the Christmas tree!

We are just one week from Christmas eve and I have one last suggestion for your Christmas gift giving! Our unique Baa-ul Christmas Baa-Baa-Baskets are here!



These baskets are very special to me because they represent a number of wonderful things that are happening in our country and community, in spite of the troubling headlines the news offers us on a daily basis. It’s a simple thing – a basket of gifts, but as we’ve gathered these items from friends and partners working all over the country, this basket has filled me with pride and given me hope for what’s to come for small local enterprises.

In the preparation of these baskets, we’ve supported small rural farms, a community in the first farm village university, mothers with small homegrown enterprises, social enterprises that employ women escaping abuse in the commercial sex trade, a young microbrewery that’s changing the local industry, and programs for children at risk around the Philippines.

The baskets are filled with salted coco caramel, raw cacao, virgin coconut oil, banana chips, potato chips, craft beer, coco sugar, lipote wine, handcrafted ornaments and handmade greeting cards. Through our purchases, we have helped to bring livelihood to communities all over the country – Manila, Laguna, Bulacan, Bicol, Batangas, and Quezon. Our baskets come in two variants – the Signature Basket and the Premium Basket.

It is a joy to be able to share so many amazing Filipino flavors and ideas in one precious gift!

As we tie up this season of giving, I invite you to make room to give these baskets to your friends and family.

In our giving and celebrating this Christmas, may we most importantly turn to our Father in Heaven and acknowledge the Grand Gift He has given us – our inspiration for the season and our True Hope.

Now here’s more on what fills up these beautiful baskets:

Signature Baa-Baa-Basket Php2499

– First Harvest’s Salted Coco Caramel
– Homemade Banana Chips
– THChips’ Homemade Potato Chips
– Precious Trading Co.’s Raw Cacao and Virgin Coconut Oil
– 2 bottles of Pedro Brewcrafters’ Elementary English Ale
– a handmade greeting card from The Paper Project Inc.
– a handcrafted tree ornament from Thread & Vine


Premium Baa-Baa-Basket Php4499

-5 bottles of Pedro Brewcrafters’ Elementary, English Ale
-1 bottle of Lipote Wine from Alabat Island, Quezon
– Coco Sugar, from Alabat Island, Quezon
– Precious Trading Co.’s Raw Cacao and Virgin Coconut Oil
– First Harvest’s Salted Coco Caramel and Peanut Crunch Spread
– THChips Homemade Potato Chips
– Homemade Banana Chips
– 5 handmade greeting cards by The Paper Project Inc.
– 1 handmade ornament from Thread & Vine


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