What hangs on your Christmas tree?

What hangs on your Christmas tree?

Souvenirs from many traveled Christmases? Gifts from friends or passed-down pieces? Tiny photo frames or colored popcorn on string? Homemade crafts or shiny store-bought steals?

Our home tree is adorned with ornaments collected over the years. But some of the most special pieces are the ones our mom made by hand.

Two Christmases ago, my mom and I worked on a pilot livelihood project for mothers we know from poor communities. We called it Thread & Vine. Mom designed beautiful ornaments, much like the pieces she would make for our home tree. With the help of a few other mothers, we made and sold hundreds of ornaments! The work gave income to mothers that were struggling to make ends meet and mothers from the slums.

Our first season went very well, and in the end we even raised money that my mom generously donated to victims of Typhoon Yolanda and the rebuilding of damaged homes. It was wonderful to witness our simple project give work to mothers in their time of need and even help restore homes in broken villages. I treasured the idea that their careful handiwork decorated the trees of many families across the city, for one season or more!

This year Thread & Vine is back with a new collection of lovely ornaments. If you haven’t finished up decorating your tree, or would like to give a gift that also gives back to the community, please check out our work. 20% of all proceeds goes into creative programs for children at risk through the Buhay Makulay Children’s Project Inc. Here are a few samples of the elegant items!

2015 Christmas Catalog. Email hello@threadandvine.co for orders, or simply send me a message. 🙂
It is a special tradition for me to put up our family Christmas tree with mom. We’ve done it most years together since I was very young, barely able to reach the middle branches of our tall tree. Last year, aside from putting up our big family tree, I had the joy of putting up my own little tree in my first apartment. My dad surprised me with the little tree one day. I joyfully decorated it with colorful folded paper pieces, short knotted ribbons on the little branches, a few special ornaments given by friends, and long red ribbons cascading the green. But best of all, it was charmingly lit with light, bringing a sweet glow to the room. Looking forward to decorating our home tree and my little tree once more!

My little tree from 2014.
What hangs on your Christmas tree?