Another stab at making time for art and friends.

Earlier this year, I started an initiative called Art in the Neighborhood, with the vision to make creative activities an important presence in our everyday spaces. Here’s our latest project.

If you’re like us and need a push to get those creative wheels turning , join our weekly art challenge:


Here’s how it works:

Every SUNDAY, we’ll post a creative prompt.
Take the week to respond in your own medium and style. Write, paint, sing, dance, shoot.

There are no rules, but we challenge you to slow down your creative process. Think less digital and more analog.

On SATURDAY, share your work.
Post your response online along with the hashtags #creativeneighbor and#neighborhoodph. Read, watch and listen to what others have shared. Then look out for the next prompt on following Sunday!

Let’s see where we go! Share this with a friend who’d be a great #CreativeNeighbor! I’ll be posting my responses and sharing the weekly prompts here.

First prompt goes up on Sunday, October 9th! Make sure to follow Art in the Neighborhood on Facebook or Instagram to get updates.


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