That the little ones might brave the storm

In the midst of the howling and rattling of the crazy storm, I am even more grateful for the beautiful weather God prepared for the children just a few days ago. This morning, the wind is reckless, whipping everything in sight. One of our trees in the yard has buckled down.

On Saturday past, we held our 8th annual Children’s Fair with long time partners and friends at the Precious Jewels Ministry. Another 100 little ones were invited, welcomed by an amazing team of over 30 volunteers and community workers.


No child went home empty handed. Each one brought home a gift box with food, school supplies and a hygiene kit. The sealed plastic boxes were purchased with rainy times like these in mind, when it’s difficult to keep anything dry where they are. (And to also keep rodents from their precious things.)

More importantly, we shared food to fill their precious souls and spirits. Stories, conversations, lessons and love to take home. May they carry that light in them as they brave this powerful storm today. Jesus, be with them.


Speak soon,


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