Truth Thursdays: Today I Leave Behind

Today I leave behind light.

Not because I will walk ahead without it, but because in my own journey forward, my path has been made bright by the lights that others have left behind. These gifts of illumination have made my own path full of joy, encouragement, challenge, inspiration and purpose.

So I too leave behind a glowing trail. Though shifting in its luminescence and never perfect in direction, I leave it nonetheless. There are moments of blazing fire and others of just barely glowing coal. This trail may light the path of many or none at all. Or for a heartbeat, bring company to a single lone traveler.

There is enough darkness in this world. Real, tangible, destructive darkness. It weeps only wretchedness. It is ferocious and deceitful. It eats away at the good stuff in this world.

But it quivers in the light.

And in the presence of light, the darkness is a coward.

And still,

there are those who can walk in the company of darkness,

unafraid and unhesitating because light also lives within. 

Today I leave behind light, not because there is no more light to lead forward, nor because I set my lantern down to walk into the dim. It is Light itself that I follow. Radiance that is not of me.

The embers that persist in my wake may one day lead someone Home.

No light for miles around. Just friends and a bonfire on a beach. San Francisco coast. March 2013.

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